“We’ve been investing heavily in our Chinese sites”

Portrait photo of Charlie Shaver, CEO of Nouryon

Portrait photo of Charlie Shaver, CEO of NouryonNouryon (formerly AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals) celebrates 25 years of surfactants production of its Boxing site. It is one of the company’s first chemical production locations in China. The site has grown to become an integral part of the company’s surfactants production network via a series of investments, including a €4.8 million expansion that was completed at the end of 2017.

The site, which now employs around 230 people, produces many high-value products and serves customers in various markets such as personal care, asphalt, construction, and cleaning. The company started production in China in the early 1990s and currently employs nearly 1400 people across nine locations in the country. Besides expanding its surfactants capacity, the company is also investing in capacity to serve the polymers market, including a €90 million organic peroxides production facility in Tianjin and a major expansion of dicumyl peroxide production capacity at Ningbo.

Nouryon CEO Charlie Shaver said: “We’ve been investing heavily in our Chinese sites and we expect this to continue as we want to strengthen our capabilities to help us meet our ambitious global growth targets.”

“A lot of our success in China is due to our efforts to support a more sustainable chemical industry and introduce more environmentally friendly surfactants. We continue to see great opportunity in the region, and we’ll continue to put the necessary resources behind our operations to support our customers’ needs and grow with them.” added AB Gosh, Managing Director Surface Chemistry.

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