Use of tertiary butanol in cosmetic alcohols


Up to now, tertiary butanol (TBA)* has been used mainly as a precursor in organic peroxides and antioxidants. Together with customers, Evonik has now been proven that TBA can also be used as a denaturant in cosmetic alcohols. In particular, it may be useful in the manufacture of cosmetic products or odor enhancers. The discovery was a result of the search for alternative raw materials for the production of disinfectants in response to rising demand.

“We are pleased that with TBA we can provide our customers with a quality product – and in combination with individual logistics options,” explains Sarah Kranz, Marketing Manager at Performance Intermediates and Product Manager for TBA. And so, the product TBA can be delivered in tank containers, tank trucks and drums. “We can supply our customers with two different TBA grades, produced simultaneously and fully continuously, according to their needs: anhydrous and azeotropic,” adds Dr. Hinnerk Becker, Head of Market Segment Specialties at Performance Intermediates.

Evonik Performance Intermediates is a producer of C4-based materials for the rubber, plastics and specialty chemicals markets. The tertiary alcohol TBA has been part of the portfolio of the Marl site for more than 50 years, producing several thousand metric tons per year.

* Also known as methyl propan-2-ol, CAS no. 75-65-0.

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