Symrise invests in product innovation for textured hair

US-based startup Infinite Looks Inc. is looking to drive the dynamic growth of its athleisure hair care brand, “Sunday II Sunday”, its brand for the care of textured hair. Current investors Johnson & Johnson Innovation) and Ignite Venture Studio are supporting the company growth together with Symrise, with a total sum of $4.2 million in the scope of a Series A funding round. The company is taking this step to expand its expertise in the fast-growing segment of textured hair care, and to develop formulations that are perfectly adapted to the needs of active women. The current direct-to-customer business model of Infinite Looks presents an attractive opportunity to translate consumer desires directly into new cutting-edge products.

Investment expands expertise for hair and scalp care

With its investment in Infinite Looks, the company is gaining specific insights into the market for hair and scalp care for active individuals with textured hair. Using the acquired expertise, the company intends to work with Infinite Looks to develop innovative products for this consumer group. “With our investment, we have the opportunity to contribute and expand our expertise with ingredients and formulations for hair and scalp care in a fast-growing segment. We are delighted to be able to participate in this exciting market with our co-investors JJDC Ignite Growth Brands and the startup Infinite Looks,” explains Gabriele Vielhaber, Senior Vice President Global Accounts Cosmetic Ingredients at Symrise.

Fulfilling the consumer needs of active women with textured hair

40 percent of African American women in the US avoid physical activity because of challenges that it creates for their hair. Moreover, of the 75 million women in the USA who work out regularly, 67 percent have textured hair. The brand provides a solution for women who are looking to lead an active life style who previously felt held back by their hair.

Support active women with textured hair

The products of the brand target this dynamic segment. The brand belongs to the aspiring young US company, Infinite Looks Inc., which is headed by experienced entrepreneur Keenan Beasley, one of the youngest executives to have led major consumer brands at P&G and L’Oréal in the USA. Keenan Beasley is also the Founder of Venture Noire, a nonprofit organization that supports Black entrepreneurs with the startup and growth of their companies. “With this brand, we have created the first hair care brand specifically targeted to support active women with textured hair,” says Keenan Beasley, Founder of Infinite Looks. “We intend to strategically expand our innovative product line in this market with high growth potential. With JJDC, Ignite Venture Studio and Symrise, we have found the right partners to reach our ambitious goals.”


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