Stockmeier signs distribution partnership with Wheatoleo

Handshake of businessmen greeting each other after a deal like an aquisition
Handshake of businessmen greeting each other after a deal like an aquisition

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The company has been distributing the sustainable and green surfactants of the French company Wheatoleo as a distribution partner in Germany. The French company´s products are 100% based on renewable raw materials and thus meet the requirements and needs of the customers. The bio-refinery concept used for production is unique in the world. They offer an extensive range of surfactants, which includes the “Appyclean” and “Sophorolipid-ecos” series as well as “Estycare”.

Sugar-based surfactants

The “Appyclean” grades are easily degradable sugar surfactants based on APPs (alkyl polypentosides). The biotechnologically produced “Sophorolipid-ecos” are sophorolipids which are fermented from sugar and lipid-containing substrate. The vegetable oligoester “Estycare” is a patented product, which is produced by polycondensation from natural, organic acids. This portfolio has also been supplemented with some liquid vegetable soaps and liquid sodium lauryl sulphates.

All products are ECOCERT and Ecolabel certified. The raw materials come from Europe, are renewable and have excellent availability. “We are very pleased to represent Wheatoleo in Germany as a distribution partner. The certified products fit perfectly into our existing portfolio and meet the needs of our customers”, says Viktoria Regula, Technical Marketing Manager Personal & Home Care.


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