SEPAWA calls for young scientists

mal hand holding a glod medal wih number 1 in direction to heaven
mal hand holding a glod medal wih number 1 in direction to heaven

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Bachelor, Master and PhD students beware! SEPAWA (Soap, Perfume, Cosmetic and Detergent Experts Association) has set up a program to further the advancement of junior scientists in the particular fields related to the association. Up to eight awards will be granted to excellent junior scientists.

Criteria and terms of participation

Submissions will be evaluated by aby an independent and neutral jury of experts made up of designated members of the scientific advisory board and the board of SEPAWA. The jury will decide on the awarding of the prizes in a non-public meeting.

The subjects of the papers ought to be application-oriented and in line with the fields of the SEPAWA. The association, whose purpose it is to encourage the practical and scientific education and further training of all those working in the fields of detergents and cleansers, cosmetics, perfumery as well as chemical-technical applications, is thus providing a great incentive for a scientific examination of its subject areas. Continuous, efficient studies, outstanding grades as well as quality and relevance of the supplied thesis are the basic qualifications for a SEPAWA Award.Comparable qualifications also apply for the PhD Thesis Award. For this award, however, content and originality of the thesis play an additional and particularly important role in the evaluation.

Documents may be submitted in German or English preferable as e-mail to Please find detailed information on

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