Scott Bader launch bio-based personal care additives

Scott Bader Texique product image


Scott Bader Texique product image

Source. Scott Bader

Scott Bader Co Ltd recently has launched “Texique”; a new range of bio-based additives for personal care formulations. The new products,  “HE10” and “HE20”, are innovative high performing thickeners and emulsifiers for the personal care market, manufactured from at least 60% naturally derived ingredients, none of which are animal-based. With sustainability and the environment in mind, Texique products are also completely ethylene oxide free making them the ideal choice for achieving the perfect thickness of personal care products.

Incresing the percentage of bio-based ingredients

Part of the company’s Functional Polymers range, the thickeners and emulsifiers are cold processable with good emulsification properties and good pH stability. They are supplied pre-neutralised and ready to use with no preservatives or animal derived raw materials. The bio-based ingredients in these products are plant-based, and they also feature renewable oil and surfactant. The launch of  these addtives allows Scott Bader to enter into the personal care market for the first time whilst adhering to their 2036 vision of developing sustainable products. Research and development into the bio-based ingredients continues, with the aim of further increasing the percentage of bio-based ingredients within “Texique” products.

Mark Stanion,  Product Manager for Functional Polymers, said: “We are delighted to launch Texique after a lot of hard work behind the scenes. These products are innovative and sustainable, offering formulators the perfect thickening solution for their personal care products.”

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