Safic Alcan creates Executive Committee

Martial Lecat Chairman MYRTIL (Holding)
Source: Safic-Alcan

The group’s revenue has increased three-fold over the last 12 years, making essential to reinforce the group Management team, which has been led by Martial Lecat, Philippe Combette and Jean-Michel Guyon since 2007.

A new management team has been put in place with the creation of an Executive Committee composed of seven members, all long-serving experienced senior managers of the company, whose respective responsibilities will be as follows:

 Martial Lecat Chairman MYRTIL (Holding), Philippe Combette  Chairman SAFIC-ALCAN

Jean-Michel Guyon Chief Financial Officer, Philippe Cenereaud Managing Director Rubber & Plastics, Juliette Gamez Chief Digital Officer, Yann Lissllour Managing Director CASE & Industrial Specialties and Head of group M&A and Jose Lora Managing Director Life Sciences

“We are confident that this new organization will ensure the necessary transition between generations and prepare the company for the challenges of the coming years”, stated Martial Lecat and Philippe Combette

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