Provital Group celebrates 40th anniversary

Red bellon in fron of white backgroud


Red bellon in fron of white backgroud

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Provital Group, international manufacturer and supplier of active ingredients for the cosmetics industry, is marking its 40th anniversary this year. Created in 1979 to meet the need for a new generation of cosmetics based on plant extracts. It currently operates in more than 90 countries and includes six subsidiaries  that help provide a service to the more than 3,000 clients, who trust in its ingredients. A decades-long effort has allowed it to maximise its philosophy of “creating a bridge between the invisible and the visible”.

Fair relationship with its producers

The company’s portfolio of more than 48 active ingredients, 500 extracts and 30 COSMOS Organic Standard products, provides it with the tools necessary to foster innovation based on an ethos of environmental responsibility. The company works to ensure a fair relationship with its producers, respect for natural biodiversity and a keen focus on the needs of its clients.

Nagoya Protocol fulfiled

After ten years of experience implementing CSR policies, in 2017 it adopted the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and has recently become the first cosmetic ingredient supplier to fulfil the requirements of the Nagoya Protocol. The company´s long-standing commitment to social responsibility has come to full fruition in the form of the “Agascal” project, which aims to nurture the biodiversity and development of a Mexican community of women within a framework of fair trade and which has been recognised by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) – further acknowledgement of the efforts over the course of the last 40 years.


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