Preservative now approved for homecare applications

cute green furry monster with big eyes and showing his red tung

cute green furry monster with big eyes and showing his red tungBiesterfeld receives further distribution rights for “Kalaguard SB” from Emerald Kalama Chemical. After successfully handling sales of this product in Germany and Austria, the partnership has now been extended to include the distribution rights for Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Slovenia due to the successful BPR PT 6 registration.

Approved preservative for homecare

The preservative makes sodium benzoate available to homecare formulators for the first time and is registered as an approved preservative under the European Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR PT 6). The sodium salt has been used as an effective preservative in foods, beverages and personal care applications for years, but has not been available to home care manufacturers until now.

In home care applications such as cleaners, detergents, hand dishwashing liquids, wipes and fabric conditioners, the product acts as a preservative, which inhibits microbial growth. The product is classified as a low-risk substance by the European Commission for applications governed by the BPR and is preferred over classical biocides to encourage the use of products with a more favourable environmental or human or animal health profile.

“Today’s consumers want assurances that the products they purchase have a green profile and are safe to bring into their homes. For these reasons, our preservative is a very consumer-friendly solution. It is nature-identical, biodegradable and authorized for use under green label programs such as Ecolabel and Nordic Swan. It is also classified as non-sensitizing and non-irritating to the skin”, said Paul Wanrooij, Global Business Development Director, Consumer Specialties of Emerald Kalama Chemical.”

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