Premiere for deodorant: Microbiome study published

Pleasant young afro American man using his deodorant after shaving his armpits


Pleasant young afro American man using his deodorant after shaving his armpits

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Symrise has once again tested its deodorant active ingredient “Sym Deo B125”, which has proven its worth over many years. The researchers and developers in the Cosmetic Ingredients division were able to prove that the raw material offers further decisive advantages: Unlike the conventional deodorant active ingredient triclosan, the active ingredient is neutral to the armpit microbiome.

Ten years ago, the company launched the ingredient, an effective and biodegradable deodorant. It is mainly used in underarm applications, foot care and many other cosmetic formulations. The company´s researchers have now demonstrated that it also leaves the microbiome on the skin of the armpit largely intact. The company has now added the findings relating to the human microbiome to the data already published, making it the first supplier ever to do so.

Additional benefits

“Worldwide, there is growing interest in researching in detail what influence skin care products have on the natural conditions of the skin,” says Dr. Florian Genrich, Senior Global Product Manager Micro Protection of the Cosmetic Ingredients Division. “This increases the demands placed on cosmetics. As a manufacturer of cosmetic ingredients, we are continuously and intensively researching new active ingredients and methods. Even more reason for us to be pleased to be able to offer additional benefits for customers and consumers from our already very versatile and modern product range”.


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