One-stop digital pigment finder launched

Source: Anton Maltsev – stock.adobe.com_79878171

BASF launched a new digital product finder tool that offers customers an integrated user experience for interacting the pigment portfolio for cosmetics and other markets.

Technical data and more

The tool, called “Pigment Finder,” combines sophisticated industry filters with highly-developed search technology to help customers find the pigments most suitable to their needs. Customers can learn more about each product by reading detailed product attributes and viewing colour chips. They also are able to download technical data sheets and informational brochures. The tool also includes a live chat feature where customers can connect with industry specialists to ask questions and seek product recommendations in real-time.

One-stop shop for pigments

“Pigment Finder’s advanced engineering and user-friendly interface allows customers to easily search our product portfolios. They can find relevant results in just a few clicks,” said Caroline Syms, Digital Communications Specialist. “It’s a one-stop shop where customers can interact with our products in an entirely digital setting.”



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