Novel strategic approach for the sourcing of natural ingredient at Givaudan


Givaudan unveils  ‘Naturals at Origin’, a strategic approach for the sourcing, development and innovation of responsible naturals directly in the country of origin. Their distinctive and one-of-a-kind position places the company at source, alongside the farmers and producers, working together to develop the best naturals for perfumery while bringing a positive impact on the planet.

Exclusive network of suppliers around the world

The company’s longstanding 250-year heritage and their Company purpose of creating for happier, healthier lives with love for nature, has directed the strategic development of ‘Naturals at Origin’. As a pioneer in sourcing natural ingredients at origin since 2008,  the company has strengthened its approach by expanding its exclusive network of suppliers around the world and by supporting the local communities through our various responsible sourcing initiatives. Today, they purchase 80% of natural ingredients through their network directly in the country of origin, benefiting thousands of people by contributing to their social, environmental and economic state.

About 100 news naturals

Recent acquisitions like Centroflora, Naturex, and Albert Vieille have brought specialised expertise in natural ingredients, such as agronomy, helping the comapy to prepare for the future as well as reach their ambitious targets to bring a positive impact on the environment by reducing our carbon footprint. Furthermore, their increased access to fields through these acquisitions and local partnerships brings new opportunities for responsible innovation directly on fresh raw materials. About 100 new naturals were entered into the perfumery palette over the last three years allowing their perfumers to create new formulations for customers that are nature-conscious.

President of Givaudan’s Fragrance & Beauty, Maurizio Volpi, said: “Our company has always been a leader in protecting and developing natural ingredients with the future of perfumery in mind building a force for good business. We’re committed to supporting and working with farmers and their communities, and also innovating to enrich the perfumers’ palette in a responsible way. Our new global strategy is delivering a superb palette of naturals, supporting our label “Orpur”, and increasing our capability to create nature-conscious fragrances in line with our “Naturality Platform”.”

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