Novel renewable, uniquely label-free alkaline neutralizer

young lady with long haar and nacked shoulders smiling in front of light background
young lady with long haar and nacked shoulders smiling in front of light background

Source: Clariant

Clariant introduced a renewable, uniquely label-free alkaline neutralizer.  “NeutroTain DMG”, paves the way for effective hair dyes, soaps, shaving gels and depilatory creams, gentle on the skin and environment.

To date, cosmetics’ formulators have lacked non-irritating and natural-based alkaline neutralizers when lowering high pH formulations such as sun creams or aqueous and hydroalcoholic gels. Equally, for achieving the performance and aesthetics consumers expect from hair colouring and texturizing products, luxurious fatty acid-enriched liquid soaps, and hair removal products. This has become increasingly relevant when seeking to create products aligned with consumer trend preferences for mildness, natural ingredients and a touch of differentiation.

Based on sugar

The novel product delivers on all fronts because of its excellent ecotox profile that exceeds any other alkaline neutralizer, high performance for functional claims, and suitability for novel formulation concepts. The industry’s only alkaline neutralizer to come from renewable feedstock, it is based on 75% sugars. It is also unique as it doesn’t require any GHS irritant labels.

Effective in a wide range of applications

The latest addition to the company´s functional claims portfolio is proven to be effective in a wide range of applications. For aqueous and hydroalcoholic gels, it achieves viscosity and transparency that is like, or outperforms, alternatives. It also provides a natural, hazard-label free alternative for substituting conventional neutralizers and other chemicals without loss of performance. For example, it successfully achieves the desired transparency of liquid soaps enriched with fatty acids for their excellent cleansing power and unique skin after feel. Ammonia can be replaced or reduced and still achieve dark Tonality 4.0 from hair dye formulations that are mild to the scalp.

When used in soap formulations it achieves good sensory profile and optimum foam from vegetable stearic acid formulations, comparable to the performance of conventional alkaline neutralizers.

„It is easy to work with”

Joao Tavares Correia, Head of Region EMEA, Industrial & Consumer Specialties comments: “It is a true all-round innovation for formulators and brands because it ticks all the boxes for success. It’s naturally-derived. It’s sustainable. It carries no hazard labels. It performs minimally as well as conventional alternatives. Plus, it can be used in multiple applications, and is easy to work with, so it has efficiency benefits too. This alkaline neutralizer fills the gap for cosmetics formulations that answer end-consumer needs and we are looking forward to exploring its potential with the industry.”

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