Novel online platform to assist cosmetic formulators

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In Japanese, HOGO means protection. In the future, the new cosmetic product protection online platform, HOGO by Symrise will simplify formulation work for cosmetic manufacturers. Whether face or body care, lotion or shampoo: The comprehensive database that serves as the basis for the online platform allows formulators to promptly obtain a list of suitable ingredients for preserving cosmetic products at anytime, anywhere around the world. The platform offers access to potential combinations as well as information about dose of ingredients. Another benefit is that the tool can also provide users with efficacy data.

Innovatiove online platform

The German company has incorporated its comprehensive knowledge as a leading supplier of cosmetic ingredients into the innovative online platform. Users can easily search for ingredients, efficacy data, a wide range of potential combinations and dosage at any time regardless of where they are located. The platform utilizes filters to find solutions that fulfill global regulatory requirements. This helps formulators to develop the best possible product protection system for modern cosmetics.

“Ingredients that protect cosmetics from microbial growth in the formulations are essential for consumers and thus also extremely important for our customers,” says Yohanna Sander, Director, Micro Protection business unit at Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients Division. “Unique in its structure, our new platform now offers our partners the opportunity to obtain a list of suitable ingredients for modern product protection. Unlike similar tools in the market, we go one step further with our platform, as it offers the suitable dose of the ingredients and efficacy data, which is a real added value for our customers.”

Great deal of additional information

In addition to selecting, combining and providing the dose of ingredients designed to preserve the product, the novel platform also provides cosmetic manufacturers with editorial content regarding product protection and, if desired, additional information about individual products.

Users are given a password that allows them to log into the platform. Formulators collect initial information there and can consult their Symrise contact with their results. They can contact the company directly via the platform and ask the sales team questions. “We see the platform as a helpful assistant for our customers. It offers them valuable benefits and allows them to work faster and more efficiently,” says Sander.

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