Novel natural polymer for sustainable sunscreen formulations


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Nouryon has introduced a natural film-forming polymer for use in high sun protection factor (SPF) emulsion sunscreens. “Sol Amaze Natural”, which is bio-based and readily biodegradable, addresses the fast-growing consumer demand for natural and clean label ingredients in personal care products.

“When creating high-performing sunscreens, formulators routinely rely on synthetic ingredients that are often persistent in the environment,” said Suzanne Carroll, Vice President Home and Personal Care. “This polymer allows our customers to develop more natural, sustainable sunscreens while also providing superior water resistance and an improved feel on the skin.”

Compatible with other ingredients

The novel polymer is compatible with other ingredients used in sunscreen formulations and can be used across a range of end products. These include both traditional organic and mineral sunscreens, as well as SPF moisturizers, color cosmetics, and face and body lotions. It is non-toxic to aquatic life and produced from non-hazardous raw materials.

“The persistence of chemicals in our environment is increasingly in the focus of consumers,” said Larry Ryan, Executive Vice President and President, Performance Formulations and The Americas. “By developing natural-based products we are giving formulators more options so that they can meet consumers’ demands for more sustainable product solutions.”

The novel polymer is the latest in a series of natural products introduced by the company for the personal care market. These include a certified natural starch that is used to replace petrochemical-based ingredients in skin and hair care products; and a plant-based polymer that helps formulators to create more natural hairstyle products for consumers.

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