Novel moisturizer introduced to tackle dry skin conditions

Picture of Helichrysum stoechas, the source of the new moisturizer
Picture of Helichrysum stoechas, the source of the new moisturizer

Source: Seppic

Wesource, Seppic’s active ingredient portfolio of personal care solutions,  introduces “Hydrachrysum”, a novel moisturizer offering a solution to break “Inflamm’dryness” vicious circle to tackle dry skin conditions. Dry skin is characterized by tightness, itching, lack of elasticity and an overall discomfort. The altered barrier function leads to dehydration, impaired lipid production and an inflammation signalling cascade. Recent scientific progress has linked skin dryness to inflammation: this is the so-called “Inflamm’dryness” phenomenon.

The novel moisturizer is the new natural ally of dry skin. Bio-inspired by Helichrysum stoechas, the Everlasting maritime plant which adapts to its arid ecosystem, the moisturizer has been developed using the “Celtosome” biotechnology of the comapany. According to the compay it offers a unique molecular richness made up of hydrophilic and lipophilic molecules derived from the dedifferentiated plant cells and specific ones secreted in the medium.

Patented ingredient

The patented moisturizing active ingredient breaks the so-called “Inflamm’dryness” vicious circle. It induces a decrease of pro-inflammatory and an increase of pro-resolutive mediators to allow a return to homeostasis and improved barrier function. The moisturizer increases the number of lacunae, these markers of hydration acting as extracellular water tanks and representing up to 40% of the volume of the stratum corneum. It boosts skin moisturization after only 5 days by increasing significantly the number of lacunae +82%* vs placebo. The novel moisturizer is Cosmos and NaTrue approved, Halal certified, and scientifically proven with in-vitro, ex-vivo and in-vivo data at 1%.

Aude Le Grand,  Product Manager, stated: “Innovating in the hydration field is a hard task. We are delighted to reveal this moisturizer, the first product in the market that breaks the “Inflamm’dryness” vicious circle by helping resolve the inflammation process, restoring the skin barrier function and boosting skin hydration on the long term. It meets the needs of consumer for effective moisturizing cosmetics.”

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