Novel cosmetic tool targeting cutaneous biofilms

Biofilms are complex habitats of microorganisms on human skin. Microbes can hide inside the protective matrix of biofilms, where they have a reduced vulnerability to antimicrobial agents. This fact challenges the cosmetic industry to identify selective biofilm balancer, which specifically weaken biofilms of troublemaking bacteria, and support biofilms of advantageous microbes.

With “Cranberry organic Herbasol Extract Glycerine SB”, Lipoid Kosmetik ( now presents a novel cosmetic tool that targets cutaneous biofilms. This product has anti-adhesive and anti-biofilm forming activity, but is non-biocidal. It selectively represses biofilm formation of disadvantageous microorganisms, while promoting beneficial microorganisms in biofilms. Thereby it controls biofilms naturally and can be used as stand-alone active ingredient to control cutaneous biofilms, or complementary to antimicrobial agents.


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