Novel concentrated surfactant blends launched

Big cleaning time. happy modern woman with rubber gloves using bottles of cleaning detergent as guns against blue background
Big cleaning time. happy modern woman with rubber gloves using bottles of cleaning detergent as guns against blue background

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Pilot Chemical announces the launch of “Aspire Surfactant Blends” — highly versatile and processable concentrated blends of powerful anionic, non-ionic, and cationic surfactants designed to help formulators create superior cleaning products.

Cost and performance effective

“Our team of chemists have been working hard to develop what they’ve called a formulator’s dream – a simple surfactant blend that is cost and performance effective, supports sustainability goals, highly processable, and can be used for developing an array of products in multiple segments in the home care, industrial and institutional markets,” said Glynn Goertzen, vice president of technology and innovation and corporate development for Pilot Chemical Company. “It’s been a long time in the making, and we’re excited to launch Aspire™ Surfactant Blends to the market.”

Applications for the novel blends

The patent-pending surfactant blends family of products can be used by formulators in the following applications.

“Aspire G Super Concentrate”, a multi-purpose surfactant blend – Create formulas for economy, mid-tier, and premium laundry liquid and pod detergents with this up to 98% active patent-pending surfactant blend formulation. The stain removal performance of this product is as good as the best-selling household brands, shows excellent efficacy at today’s lower wash temperatures, and the pods have consistent cleaning over a range of sizes. The unique properties of this surfactant also allow it to be formulated into hard surface HI&I cleaners such as greasy soil, bathroom soap scum removal, pot & pan, and manual dish wash products.

“Aspire™ BRC Surfactant Blend” – Rapidly develop new products or improve existing ones with this high active blend bathroom cleaner that makes the job of soap scum removal easier. The novel blend enables the creation of cost-effective formulations with fewer chemicals.

“Aspire™ HS Super Concentrate” – Shorten and streamline cleaning processes with safer, more effective formulations for hard surface cleaners. This product is pH adjusted so it can be used to make a highly effective, quick to market cleaner/degreaser for products like all-purpose cleaners, glass cleaner, kitchen counter cleaner, and others simply by adding water.

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