New study data for skin and hair ingredients launched

A well hydrated skin is a smart concept to support the spa experience of a consumer. However, hydration must be kept into the skin. “Hydractin – LMF” contains three moisture experts from the forest: the lichen Cetraria islandica, the fern Polypodium vulgare and the moss Spagnum magellanicum. The active ingredient is able to stimulate the skin’s NMF production and to form a water-binding layer on the skin’s surface. Thanks to these properties, the Swiss based company could demonstrate in a new in-vivo study that this ingredient provides a pronounced and long-lasting skin hydration effect in rinse-off products.

Hair care ingredient: new ex-vivo studies

Water binds through hydrogen bonds to hair proteins and changes the hair shape. Inspired by the moisture-retaining substances of black oats and the biomimetic properties of lecithin, “Aquarich” acts as a modern “hairchitect” re-designing the structure of hair. New ex-vivo studies reveal that treatment with this ingredient significantly increases hair gloss. Furthermore, it is able to strengthen the hair from within by enhancing its tensile strength.


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