New peptide-based active ingredient

Young women with closed eyes holding a flower
Young women with closed eyes holding a flower

Source: Olgamaer –

Realigning circadian rhythms, counteracting the effects of digital pollution, erasing signs of fatigue, delivering neuro-beauty benefits with a stronger self-esteem and an overall well-being. These are some of the properties of “Synchrolife”, the new peptide-based active ingredient from Sederma. This IECIC listed product has been demonstrated to rebalance the production of circadian key players after a blue light stress to ensure a better repairing metabolism. After one week only, the volunteers of the different clinical studies were able to perceive the effects and were feeling less tired and more beautiful.

By resynchronising biological rhythms, the novel ingredient counteracts the harmful effects of digital pollution that generate stressing signs of fatigue and premature ageing and allows feeling more beautiful. Its natural origin content according to the ISO 16128 standard is 99.905%.

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