New partnership markets personalized technology

Handshake of businessmen greeting each other after a deal like an aquisition
Handshake of businessmen greeting each other after a deal like an aquisition

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BASF and siHealth Ltd, today announced their strategic alliance, including an equity investment. This alliance allows BASF to exclusively market scientifically-based satellite and optronic technologies to the personal care industry globally. This will extend the company´s offerings, enabling new solutions to the industry, for example towards personalized products.

Global key trend

Individualization of personal care products is a global key trend. To meet this growing need, a combination of interdisciplinary know-how is required. Together, the companies will build upon their respective expertise to offer these digital technologies to the personal care market. “With this equity investment in siHealth, we are able to commercialize siHealth’s technology exclusively in the personal care industry,” states Robert Parker, Director, New Business Development at Care Chemicals, BASF. “Our initial products will enable new possibilities to support our customers providing sun care solutions to the market.”

“Innovative spirit”

“Scientific collaboration for me also means to have an innovative spirit,” says Piyada Charoensirisomboon, Vice President Global Development Personal Care Solutions, BASF. “By combining this new digital technology with our broad expertise and formulation know-how in UV protection and cosmetic ingredients, we are an innovative partner for our customers.” “We are proud to become a member of the BASF ecosystem,” adds Emilio Simeone, Founder and CEO, siHealth Ltd. “Our company is focused on innovative digital technology for healthcare. This partnership with BASF paves the way for bringing our know-how and technology into the personal care market.”

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