New Innovation Director at Seppic

Portrait of Franco Manfré the new director of the innovation department of Seppic

Seppic named Franco Manfré as the new director of the innovation department. The innovation department employs around 100 people. This team has a wide range of technical expertise and masters the science of ingredients, from creation to formulation, including benefits substantiation. It designs unique ingredients that are used in particular in beauty care, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and veterinary products.
Franco Manfré is engineer and holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry. He has a diversified career path in the R&D management of fine chemicals major groups in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, enriched by his experience as general manager of small and medium companies and in the support of a “deeptech” start-up.
The company will exhibit at the upcoming HPCI CEE in Wasaw.

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