New formulations and findings for skin and hair care

A drop of white emulsion just falling into the emulsion in front of a red background

A drop of white emulsion just falling into the emulsion in front of a red backgroundDSM showcases latest developments in April 2019 at the In-Cosmetics Global in Paris. The company is both embracing the visible side of beauty diversity and exploring the role that invisible differences, such as the skin’s microbiome, play in individual personal care regimes.

Results of study designed to deepen understanding of skin

The product “Epibiome Beauty” is built on the belief that a strong epidermal barrier and balanced skin microbiome are both needed to restore, strengthen and preserve healthy skin. It aims to develop a clear, scientifically proven link between changes in the composition of the skin microbiome and changes in physical skin conditions and to identify a link with the effects of specific ingredients. The company will present the results of a new study designed to deepen understanding of the complex relationship between normal, dry and oily skin, barrier function, and the skin microbiome. It will also show how three actives in its current portfolio play a role in skin’s healthy appearance by working with skin microbiota.

Protection against skin damage caused by blue light

Two years ago, the company´s scientists began investigating the link between blue light and potential harm to skin. They will present outstanding new in vivo data that proves how the product “Peha-Age” reduces blue light-induced skin hyper-pigmentation to achieve an even skin tone; boosts skin’s own defense, protects against skin damage caused by blue light, and minimizes the visible appearance of ageing skin.

All-mineral sunscreens

Mineral UV-filters such as Zinc or Titanium Oxide are marketed today as Natural Sunscreens – a key consumer desire.  The company will unveil “Parasol ZX” Zinc Oxide grade suitable for a wide range of products. They will showcase solutions that could change your mind about all-mineral sun products.

New polymer for hair care

Volume is one of the top desired benefits in haircare but, it’s one of the most complicated to achieve, especially together with care properties. The company has identified a unique hyper-branched polymer to fill this gap. “Tilamar Boost 150” offers both incredible volume and care properties.

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