New features of pigment service plattform add value, convenience and simplicity

eight different coloured lips
eight different coloured lips

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The online platform “Colors & Effects” from BASF continues to improve the customer experience by offering three new user-friendly functionalities in the Products area of the site: “Product Comparison,” “My Sheets” and “Sample Request”. By registering for a personal account, users reap additional benefits to make the most of their online experience.
The product comparison feature allows users to evaluate multiple products side-by-side to help them find the pigments that best suit their business needs. Compare between two and four products within the same industry and assess pigments based on key attributes including product group, pigment effect and application. Users with a personal account can save their comparisons to the user dashboard for easy reference.

With “My Sheets”, customers can favorite products to create a personalized library of product documentation that can be accessed through their user dashboard. Users have a single location for storing and referencing these documents, and anytime a document in the MySheets library is updated by Colors & Effects, users will receive a notification of this change. This ensures customers always have the latest information available at their fingertips.

Sample Requests for pigments of interest can now be completed conveniently through the platform. As customers browse pigment pages, they can submit a sample request by filling out a short form. Furthermore, customers can review their sample request history directly from their user dashboard.

My Sheets and Sample Requests are available to customers with a registered and validated account. The Online Service Platform, which launched in February 2020, encompasses the brand’s corporate website and pigment finder, a product catalogue tool, which is now located under the Products area of the platform.

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