New CEO at Rausch AG

Portrait photo of Sandra Banholzer, who will become the new CEO at Rausch AG
Portrait photo of Sandra Banholzer, who will become the new CEO at Rausch AG

Sandra Banholzer, new CEO at Rausch AG

Sandra Banholzer will become the new CEO of Rausch AG Kreuzlingen on July 1, 2021, succeeding Lucas Baumann, who stepped down as CEO in October 2020. Rolf G. Schmid, who will provide ad interim operational management, will take over the induction of the new CEO and then return to his duties as Delegate of the Board of Directors.

Sandra Banholzer started her career as Sales Manager Latin America for Luzi AG after graduating with a Bachelor in Business Administration. In 2007, she took over as Key Account Manager for the Migros operation Chocolat Frey AG in the International Sales division. In her role as Trade Manager for Migros, she lived in North America for two years, where she was responsible for setting up export platforms in the USA and Canada. This was followed by various positions in international sales for the Migros Group (Chocolat Frey AG, Mibelle Group, Midor Ltd.). She currently heads the international business unit of Migros Industrie, where she is responsible for the international brand and private label business.

First time CEO from outside the owner family

With Sandra Banholzer, the Board of Directors is handing over operational management to a person outside the owner family for the first time. With this move, the comapy is setting an example for the future-oriented direction of the family business and strengthening the intended modernization of the brand. With Banholzer, the company is to further expand its position as a global player in the field of natural cosmetics and also realize strategically important focal points in international distribution, specialized trade and e-commerce.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Peter Muri, thanks Rolf G. Schmid, who was instrumental in leading the evaluation process for the search for a new CEO. The Board of Directors is looking forward to the future cooperation with Sandra Banholzer: “Among the many very well-qualified candidates, Ms. Banholzer convinced us with her leadership experience, entrepreneurial thinking, sales strength and personal values. We are confident that she will be able to consistently implement our ambitious goals for the future.”


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