Natural ingredients: alliance between Clariant and Elevance

Clariant has taken their long-standing alliance with Elevance Renewable Sciences to the next level by developing and commercializing high-performancing greener emollients for the personal care industry. An area of concern for both formulators and consumers is the use of silicones and other petrochemical-based constituents in personal care products. While silicones are used in a wide variety of skin and hair care products to meet consumer demands such as ease of spreadability, deep conditioning, imparting shine and creating a long-lasting soft feel, there is growing awareness of the risks some of them may pose to the environment, with potential for a total ban on their use in some regions.

In response to this industry challenge, Clariant, recently introduced new ingredients greener alternatives to silicones. The two ingredients represent a major milestone for formulation development as they are not only environmentally friendlier and affordable, but high-performing, and delivering comparable or even superior results to traditional silicones.Bothe products  have been made possible through Elevance’s expertise in producing novel, high-performing specialty chemicals from plant oils using a  metathesis catalyst technology. Metathesis is a process that enables the manufacture of new plant-based ingredients under environmentally sustainable conditions.

“We will deliver a new generation of emollients”

“This next phase of our strategic alliance will enable Clariant to advance its natural green performers product range through the creation of ground-breaking ingredients,” said Ralf Zerrer, Head of Strategic Marketing and Innovation, Business Unit Industrial & Consumer Specialties at Clariant. “Thanks to the versatility of the process, we will deliver a new generation of emollients that are more respectful to the environment, while still maintaining a high degree of functionality.”

Equally, Elevance will benefit from Clariant’s strong position as a natural ingredients provider, gaining access to its extensive global footprint, formulation expertise and innovation capabilities. “We are excited to collaborate with Clariant on the commercialization of their new “Plantasens Flash” product line, which utilize Elevance alkanes derived from plant oils,” said Rusty Pittman, Chief Commercial Officer at Elevance.


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