Multipotentiality of skin‐derived precursors

Skin‐derived precursors (SKPs) have been described as multipotent dermal precursors. Laurine Bergeron et al. from Ashland Speciality published a review of the breadth and depth of scientific literature and studies regarding SKPs, accounting for a large number of scientific publications. Interestingly, these progenitors can be isolated from embryonic and adult skin, as well as from a population of dermal cells cultured in vitro in monolayer. Gathering information from different authors, this review explores different aspects of the SKP theme, such as the potential distinct origins of SKPs in rodents and in humans; and also, their ability to differentiate in vitro and in vivo into multiple lineages of different progeny. This remarkable capacity makes SKPs an interesting endogenous source of precursors to explore in the framework of experimental and therapeutic applications in different domains. SKPs are not only involved in the skin’s dermal maintenance and support as well as wound healing, but also in hair follicle morphogenesis. This review points out the interests of future researches on SKPs for innovative perspectives that may be helpful in many different types of scientific and medical domains.

The review has been published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science

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