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IPA Singapore recently published the following request in its newsletter: Seeking microbiome-based technologies for skin health & performance for a global cosmetics and skin care developer with established brands in both traditional anti-ageing and skin health categories. The UK based company has strong existing research, product development, regulatory and claims compliance and brand and marketing divisions helping to design and create compelling consumer concepts for the future. Their mission is to help people across the world lead healthier and happier lives.  They believe that the health and resilience of people’s skin is vital to this and they are passionate in helping their consumers achieve maximum skin health throughout their lives. Poor skin health can have a significant impact on an individual’s quality of life and can contribute to reductions in both healthspan and lifespan.

There is emerging understanding of the important role that the microbiome plays in the health and resilience of skin, with both the skin microbiome and gut microbiome being implicated. Consumers are beginning to embrace the idea that maintaining a balance between the skin and the microbes that inhabit it is important but are unclear on how this impacts on their individual skin needs and what technologies will be efficacious in this area. The company is looking to source breakthrough innovations in the diagnosis and maintenance/restoration of consumers individual skin and gut microbiome and its contribution to the performance and status of their skin.

Technology specification

The company is interested in technologies that target 1 or more of the following;

  • Analysis of current skin/gut microbiome, identification of deviations from healthy microbial populations, assessment of current product usage to determine potential impacts on microbial populations, identification of potential impacts on skin resilience and performance.
  • Novel prebiotic, probiotic and postbiotics, suitable for use in topicals or supplements which complement and strengthen the human microbiome leading to better performing skin, particularly those for treating and resolving spots, oily and dry skin.
  • Expertise in the understanding of the human virome and in particular its potential impacts on skin and the wide skin microbiome.

More information on: https://www.ipi-singapore.org/tech-needs/174367/seeking-microbiome-based-technologies-for-skin-health-performance.html

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