Kaolin of Quarzwerke Group exclusively distributed by Biesterfeld

Handshake of businessmen greeting each other after a deal like an aquisition
Handshake of businessmen greeting each other after a deal like an aquisition

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From the start of June, Biesterfeld Spezialchemie will be the official distributor for “Pharmakaolin B 860” (INCI: KAOLIN), which is made by the HPF The Mineral Engineers division of Quarzwerke Group. These exclusive distribution rights are for the following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Benelux countries, Spain, Portugal, Greece and the Czech Republic. This natural raw material is used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries to manufacture pastes, tablets, powders, balms, face masks, deodorants, colour cosmetics and soaps.

This product is a bright white clay of German origin, which meets all Pharmacopoeia Europaea requirements for “kaolin, heavy/kaolinum ponderosum” for both external and internal applications. It is characterised by its very high kaolinite content and is odourless, with fine particles and a soft feel. The products disperses easily in water; it is a raw material that has a high binding capacity for liquids and is non-hygroscopic.

“Even better use of our product expertise”

“We are very pleased with the trust our partner Quarzwerke has shown in us by granting these exclusive distribution rights,” says Dominik von Borstel, Product Manager Essential Chemicals at Biesterfeld Spezialchemie. “The closer partnership will allow us to make even better use of our product expertise and knowledge of the market.”


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