IMCD releases sustainability report


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IMCD today  announces the release of its second Sustainability Report providing energy consumption, water use, and greenhouse gas emissions data on the full year 2019.

“Reducing our environmental footprint is of paramount importance, said Maurits van Kolck, the company´s Regulatory, Quality and Sustainability Director. We are proud to announce that our resource efficiency index (greenhouse gas emissions per operating EBITDA) was reduced by 13.4% (from 431 tonne CO2eq/Million Euro operating EBITDA in 2018 to 373 tonne CO2eq/Million Euro operating EBITDA in 2019), which reinforces our commitment to improve our internal operations and the applicability of our approach.”

In 2019, the group was able to expand the considered geographical scope for third-party logistics from Europe to parts of North America, Africa, and Asia Pacific. The group continues to work on improving data registration and collection with the aim to expand its analysis and reporting to a global scale. The group’s sustainability agenda also includes the initiatives that the company has developed to help its customers reduce their environmental footprint and create financial savings. Last year, the company established  “Sustainable Solutions”. This programme enables the company to work together with suppliers and customers to determine what products in their current portfolio can be qualified as sustainable.

“We have the technical expertise and market knowledge to help our suppliers and customers that want to choose sustainable alternatives to products already in use and thereby reduce their environmental footprint” added van Kolck. The Report includes examples of some of these sustainable solutions and can be downloaded here.

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