HPCI CEE adheres to dates in October 2020

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The Corona pandemic has the world in its grip and we are all in the middle of it. Trade fairs worldwide are particularly affected by postponements and cancellations. As a result, a lot of industry events are currently slipping into the autumn. The current situation is very dynamic and changes daily. Nobody knows when the restrictions in the individual countries will be relaxed again and to what extent. We also do not know how long crowds of people will not be allowed.

It is possible that smaller local trade fairs in regions and countries that have not been so severely affected will be more likely to take place again than large international events in more severely affected countries. Everything is uncertain at this time – unfortunately!

At the moment, the organizers continue to adhere to the published dates for the HPCI CEE in Conjunction with CosmeticBusiness Poalnd and push ahead with their  preparations. Of course, the organizers evaluate and analyse are the situation daily and will keep all exhibitors informed.

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