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Croda International Plc,announced a global sales and marketing agreement with Genesis Biosciences. This new partnership further expands Croda’s existing portfolio of safe and sustainable cleaning raw materials.

Genesis Biosciences is a global company that uses its leading capability to ferment bacteria strains to develop safe and natural microbial and antimicrobial products. “Our Evogen technology is the result of years of research and development to characterise natural beneficial bacteria and optimise high performing consortia for specific applications.” states Peter Wallbank, Business Development Manager, Genesis Biosciences. “We are delighted to be working in partnership with Croda to supply our “Eco-benign Evogen” technology to a wider global market”.

Novel probiotic ingredients will be launched

The first phase of the partnership will see the launch of two innovative probiotic ingredients, “Evogen GP 50x” for use in hard surface cleaning products and “Evogen ON 50x” for use in odour neutralising products, both of which will be available from the end of January. The superior cleaning power of the two ingredients uses application-specific bacteria strains to degrade a wide range of organic matter, providing not only extensive cleaning applications but also offering several sustainability benefits. These natural probiotic ingredients continue to be effective several days after application, reducing the need for chemical-based cleaners. The ingredients also support good health and wellbeing by creating and restoring healthy microbiome on surfaces.

Scott Tuchinsky, Croda’s Sales Director stated “This project will have a vital impact on the long-term sustainability within consumer cleaning. We are glad to be working alongside Genesis so that together, we can offer the next generation of cleaning ingredients.

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