Environmentally friendly alternative to microplastics

A right hand against a blue background, palm forward. On the palm a smily painted with white cream.


A right hand against a blue background, palm forward. On the palm a smily painted with white cream.

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Evonik presents “Spherilex 10 PC”, a new specialty silica for the cosmetics industry. The spherical silica particles represent a versatile, environmentally friendly alternative to microplastics, and are particularly suitable for use in decorative cosmetics such as personal care products that remain on the skin.

Natural skin feel

Its homogeneous particle-size distribution and controlled porosity deliver a unique combination of properties for a wide range of cosmetic applications and an especially pleasant, natural skin feel.

As a component of lipsticks or powders, the speciality silica imparts a silky, matte look and a velvety, non-dry skin feel. Its unique light-refracting properties make fine lines and wrinkles less visible and results in a uniform, matte complexion.

Sunscreen products

Julia Stürmer from silica marketing at Personal Care said: “This product allows us to serve the continuing high demand for functional additives that improve the look and feel of cosmetic products.” The special characteristics of the round silica particles also help minimize the slightly sticky feel typical of many sunscreen products. The exceptional profile of this silica is rounded out by its consistently high quality and by how well it can be processed in combination with many other cosmetic ingredients.

Suitable for use in natural cosmetic products

The new silica is listed as “nature identical” by the International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association (NATRUE), a global association dedicated to promoting natural skin care. The product also bears the COSMOS label, making it suitable for use in natural cosmetic products. These spherical specialty silicas are listed with INCI as hydrated silica. Plus, they also meet the standards for “derived mineral ingredients” as defined in ISO 16128-1.

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