Ecolabel guidance tool launched

Clariant offers a fast and free online access to the ecolabel compatibility and sustainability features of its formulation ingredients via the new ecolabel guidance tool.

With rising consumer interest in more environmentally-friendly products in categories like dishwashing, laundry and hard surface cleaning, brands are keen to display relevant ecolabels on their products and offer ingredient transparency to provide greater guidance to their customers. However, the proliferation in ethical labelling schemes can lead to added complexity when it comes to ingredient choice for reformulating or creating new eco-friendly products.

Clear information for formulators

“To ease some of the confusion that surrounds ecolabels, we now offer formulators in Home Care and Industrial Cleaning a quick and convenient web-based tool for determining the specific label or labels each listed product complies with. This is backed by clear information on other important aspects such as Renewable Carbon Index, plant origin etc. Having this information readily available, just a click away, should make it simpler to both select ingredients and create the transparency customers seek,” comments Ralf Zerrer, Head of Strategic Marketing & Innovation at Clariant.

Currently, the company features 100 ingredients in the tool, each one linked to relevant labels as well as in-depth technical and sustainability-related data. Background information on the individual ecolabels is also provided, such as their field of application and criteria. Users can filter searches by product function, by ecolabel, and by RCI and EWG score in order to identify the most relevant ingredients for particular requirements. The new tool will be updated regularly to support customers with accurate, up-to-date information on new products and ecolabel developments.

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