Designing high performance colour cosmetics through optimization of powder flow characteristics

Source: Anton Maltsev – stock.adobe.com_79878171

A recently published study explores the impact of powder flow properties such as low energy and compressibility on the performance characteristics of foundation powders such as cake strength and payoff.

Highest concentration of talc shows best performance

The results highlight that higher compressibility leads to better cake strength, and lower total flow energy leads to better pay off. Powder formulations with lower total flow energy, should have easier flow, therefore, should have better pay off. Powder formulations with higher compressibility, should hold the structure better, therefore, should have better cake strength. Talc has the highest compressibility and lowest flow energy.  One foundation formulation in that study has the highest concentration of talc and also has the best performance.


The lower the total flow energy, the easier it is for the powder to flow, and have better pay off. Powder compressibility correlates with cake strength which means that a sample with better compressibility consequently has the better cake strength. Two powder formulations in that study, require less total flow energy, have lower shear stress, and higher compressibility, therefore, have better final performance. Both formulations have higher talc concentrations compared to other formulations.

The study has been published in International Journal of Cosmetic Science

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