Debut of new ingredients linked to key market needs

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source: Clariant

Clariant introduces at in-cosmetics global 2019 novel developments for anti-aging as well as a new platform that helps customers find more sustainable yet performing ingredients. The company´s keen eye on the future will make it easier than ever for the Personal Care industry to find the differentiation it seeks. New product unveilings tied to clearly identified market needs will set the scene in Paris for making the future of cosmetics more innovative and sustainable.
Simplify formulators live
In a rapidly changing world, requirements and consumer needs are ever-changing, which influences the demands placed on companies and brands. To support the Personal Care industry’s diverse players – from established brands, indies to contract formulators – and inspire future product innovation linked to trends and challenges, the company is going all out to simplify how each sees the relevance and benefits of its products. Every new innovation will be grouped to a specific need, presented within the “Envisioning Beauty” brand.
Anti-aging segment
With skincare finally having knocked colored cosmetics off the top category spot in the second half of 2018 , the company anticipates the call for innovation in the predominant anti-aging segment. It launches a new, avant-garde active ingredient that unlocks the secrets of healthy aging by targeting the long non-coding RNA 886.
Eco-friendly products
Functional claims get a boost through the introduction of a natural and effective alternative to support the substantial market need for aluminum-free deodorants, alongside a sustainable and safe neutralizer to capture the evolution of the cosmetics industry to eco-friendly products. They also introduce a new platform that helps customers find more sustainable yet performing ingredients.

source picture: Clariant

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