Debro acquires Tartan Color and Chemical

The company is delighted to announce that it has acquired Tartan Color & Chemical, a Canadian distributor primarily focused on the Industrial Specialties markets. The transaction makes the company one of the leading independent distributors in Canada for Industrial Specialties, Food Ingredients and Home & Personal Care. Tartan is complementary to Debro in terms of markets served, supplier relationships, product offerings and customers.

“Combined strength create tremendous opportunities to grow”

The company is acquiring 100% of the shares of Tartan, and the two companies will be amalgamated. Tartan was founded by Robert Houston in 1980, and was joined by his son David in 1989 following his graduation from Indiana University Bloomington with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry. In 2001, David became President of Tartan and under his successful leadership, the company has become one of the best-known Industrial Specialties distributors in Canada. David has made a long-term commitment to Debro and will be a significant investor of the joint enterprise going forward. His role will be President, Industrial Specialties.

Bill Heise, CEO of Debro, stated that, “We are excited to welcome David and the Tartan team to Debro. It was obvious very early in our discussions that the combined strengths of Debro and Tartan would create tremendous opportunities to grow our Industrial Specialties business, offer greater value to our supplier partners and provide a broader product portfolio for our customers”.

David Houston, President of Tartan stated that, “ I’m thrilled to be joining the Debro team and am confident that this transaction will provide an exciting opportunity for Tartan’s employees, suppliers and customers. I believe that this merger provides a perfect fit for Tartan and provides an excellent platform for further growth.”

Brian Imrie, Chairman of Debro stated that, “ I welcome David to Debro as a business partner and am excited that he is bringing his leadership to our combined Industrial Specialties business. I look forward to working with him through Debro’s 100th Anniversary in 2020 and for many years to come.”

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