Dead Sea magnesium for natural body odor control

New ingredients for deodorants. Picture shows a male body from the front and in front of that body a female body from the back.
New ingredients for deodorants. Picture shows a male body from the front and in front of that body a female body from the back.

Source: Clariant

Clariant delivers fresh support for deodorants to embrace the aluminum-free trend and still curb body odor.  The new “CareMag D” draws on nature’s Dead Sea salts. It helps brands make a splash with functional claims for this growing segment.

100% natural functional active

Consumers’ enthusiasm for safer, natural personal care is spreading to deodorants, reflected in a rise in new aluminum-free claim deodorant launches. In partnership with ICL-Specialty Minerals, the company introduces formulators to a distinctive 100% natural functional active that makes it easy to create sustainable, differentiated good-performing deodorants suitable even for sensitive skin.

Rich in Dead Sea magnesium minerals, it is gentle on skin yet highly effective at controlling odor and delivering sweat absorption. It has a unique crystalline structure that absorbs excess sweat and sebum, preventing biotransformation of these compounds into malodorous substances. The novel product also controls the growth of skin microrganisms under conditions of excess sweat and increased body temperature – a positive contribution to long-term odor reduction and preventing irritation.

Significant malodour reduction

In a malodor reduction performance assessment on 25 volunteers, a roll-on formulated with 20% of the product showed significant malodor reduction by -42% in comparison with the untreated axilla (underarm). The measurement was taken 24 hours after washing and product application. In a consumer test, 84% of volunteers reported that the formulation with the ingredient provided long-lasting protection of 24 hours body odor control. It also did not leave any stains or residues on the skin and clothes.

As good as deodorants containing Aluminium salt

Furthermore, the patented innovation successfully holds its own against aluminum salts. Direct comparison of two roll-formulations containing 15% Aluminum salt and 15% of the novel product showed the same malodor reduction on both axilla.

The product is ideal for all formats, delivering a dry and velvety feel that helps formulations to be non-sticky and easy to spread. On top of the functional claims, with this product manufacturers naturally infuse deodorants with the recognized beneficial properties of magnesium – further differentiation to capture consumers’ interest.

Joao Tavares Correia, Head of Region EMEA, Industrial & Consumer Specialties, comments: “While consumers are often keen to switch to safer, natural Personal Care products, the concern that they won’t be as effective as conventional ones can prevent this. CareMag D creates new opportunities to eliminate this stumbling block for deodorants. It replaces the need for aluminum, supporting the creation of deodorants that are natural, mild to skin, with pleasant aesthetics, and most importantly, which succeed at keeping odor at bay.”

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