Creative perfume scent design with the help of artificial intelligence

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At the IBM Think Summit in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Symrise hast just demonstrated how good a perfume can smell with the help of artificial intelligence. IBM Research and Symrise are collaborating closely on this innovative project. A digital perfumer created the “Berlin 3.0” scent based on numerous evaluations from passersby in the well-known shopping center “Bikini Berlin”.

The smart assistant, called Philyra, supports the work of professional perfumers at Symrise. Artificial intelligence (AI) is capable of creating scents based on complex algorithms, which perfumers finally perfect using their knowledge and expertise. The IBM technology group invited the Holzminden company to present this project at Germany’s most important Think Summit, in Frankfurt am Main.

Using feedback from shopping center visitors

Symrise Executive Board member Achim Daub and Senior Perfumer Marc vom Ende demonstrated how artificial intelligence can contribute to more creative scent design. Symrise recently created „Berlin 3.0”, the first scent developed dynamically with AI. It was created collaboratively, since the components were blended using feedback from visitors to the “Bikini Berlin“ shopping center. From May 20 to June 29, 2019, 4,300 people took part, of whom 1,100 shared their impressions of the scents.

“You could literally smell the innovative spirit in Berlin. In a unique way, human experiences and creativity blended with the possibilities presented by machine learning and collaboratively generated consumer preferences,” says Achim Daub, President Scent & Care at Symrise. “IBM also wanted to demonstrate this experience with new technologies and pioneer spirit at its Think Summit in Frankfurt. We’re proud that we were able to show our AI at this important event

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