Consumers reward credible cleaner solution

The Frosch brand has been voted “Most Trusted Brand” in the category household cleaners. In the nationwide Trusted Brands Study 2019 conducted on behalf of Reader’s Digest, the brand of the Mainz-based detergent company achieved an increase of six percent compared to the previous year and increased the gap to the second-placed brand from 17 percent to an incredible 25 percent. All six subsequent brands in this category recorded a standstill or even a loss of confidence.

Value for money and environmental protection

According to the study, quality, value for money and, more recently, environmental protection are increasingly the focus of consumer attention and decisive for brand confidence. For the authors of the study, it is therefore understandable that companies that credibly and transparently dedicate themselves to this aspect will continue to develop their consumer confidence further and further. The Frosch brand is highlighted on the Reader’s Digest website:

In particular, the brand continuously shows in the Trusted Brands studies that it can score points in consumer confidence. Whereas in 2017 28% of those surveyed said that Frosch was the most trustworthy, this year the brand is now at 36% and thus still in first place in the category of household cleaners – well ahead of 119 different cleaning brands mentioned there. (Source:

Social change has an impact on purchasing behaviour and politics

In addition to trust in the brands of different categories, Reader’s Digest also surveyed consumers’ attitudes towards sustainability. The result: not only young people, but also the vast majority of adults (70 percent) are concerned about the current environmental situation. As the results of the European elections show, this not only has an impact on political choices, but also on purchasing behaviour: 71 percent consider it important for each individual to pay more attention to their consumer behaviour. According to Reader’s Digest, the consumer’s willingness to buy more sustainably is particularly high when something is offered in an uncomplicated way.

“Environmental events and the awareness that each one of us has to do something about them are increasingly influencing consumer behaviour. In times of young leading figures such as Greta Thunberg and the “Fridays for Future” movement, this change is not only evident in the young target group of generations Y and Z, but also very clearly in the 60+ generation,” says Eckhard Philippi, Managing Director of Reader’s Digest Germany: Verlag Das Beste GmbH.

Results confirm GfK study on brand champions and burn-out brands

The Trusted Brands Study 2019 is another independent source which proves that the holistic-sustainable orientation of the brand is rewarded by consumers. In February, the largest German market research institute, GfK, had already identified the Frosch brand as one of four brand champions in an otherwise precarious environment at its annual kick-off event. GfK attributed the continued success of the umbrella brand primarily to a coherent expansion of the product range with a focus on sustainability. With the “Frog for clean seas” campaign, the Frosch trust brand raises consumers’ awareness of relevant environmental issues in a positive way.

“Both the GfK study and the Trusted Brands Study 2019, commissioned by Reader’s Digest, show that the brand’s environmental performance is positive: Brand confidence grows where effective environmental solutions are demonstrated. Conversely, this means that the only way out of the precarious situation of many brands is through credible and effective environmental contributions. We invite other brands to follow our example and make their contribution to environmental protection in the future, because it is feasible,” says Werner & Mertz owner Reinhard Schneider.


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