Büfa receives the NCP logo for its brand “solverde”

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light green leave in front of a female mouth with green lipsAs the first raw material manufacturer, the Büfa with its “solverde” brand has now been tested and certified according to the natural product standard NCP (Natural Care Product)  of the Society for Applied Business Ethics ( Gesellschaft für angewandte Wirtschaftsethik (GfaW)). The company from Oldenburg, Germany is thus sending a clear signal for its sustainable business philosophy: chemical substances for further processing are to be increasingly replaced by sustainable variants. The certified product stands as a brand for these sustainable alternatives.

Successful testing represents a milestone

With the NCP (Nature Care Product) certification, the company has access to the proven label of the Society for Applied Business Ethics for non-food products, which guarantees natural ingredients, the renunciation of petrochemicals and animal testing as well as other elementary ecological criteria. For GfaW, as the standard provider, the successful testing also represents a milestone.

“Certified organic raw materials simplify the development and competitiveness of natural alternatives for end consumers. NCP certification is therefore considered an important quality label in this sense not only in the direct business relationship with the consumer, but also in all trading areas of the value chain. We are therefore very happy that Büfa has made the start,” says Managing Director Sophie von Lilienfeld-Toal.

Certifications for customers easier

Additional advantage for customers: If the purchased materials are already certified, the certification of the end products will also be easier. The fact that the company trains its customers in processing the more sustainable alternatives in order to simplify the use of natural resources makes the certified product a complete package for modern, environmentally oriented processors.

Great potential in the processing industry

The customer Sodasan, itself an NCP user and producer of ecological detergents and cleaning agents as well as Büfa’s cooperation partners, is particularly pleased with the brand certification. Sodasan combines 36 years of development experience and supports Büfa, in addition to its own efforts for the target group of end consumers, especially in the production of cleaning agents for industry. Especially in the production of food and cosmetics, production facilities often have to be disinfected and professionally cleaned. There are already effective ecological alternatives – and plenty of potential – to the still frequently used “chemical club”.

More sustainably produced products planed

Next year, Büfa plans to convert half of its product range to sustainably produced products. Through appropriate research, development and cooperation with other producers, the company is making a significant contribution to the spread of natural raw material alternatives.

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