Biomarine ingredient delivers more benefit for the scalp

When Lubrizol Life Science  introduced “Seascalp” biomarine ingredient in 2019, it was praised for its ability to minimize the accumulation of sebaceous lipids and strengthen the skin barrier function for a healthy scalp.  Now new testing has shown that this biomarine ingredient delivers an additional benefit for the scalp. When used in a rinse-off application at lower concentrations, it reduced scalp oiliness while also boosting hydration.

Test results

The test involved 40 men and women with dandruff. They applied a shampoo with 1%  biomarine ingredient or a placebo serum on the scalp, once every two days for 28 days. Different parameters were evaluated at the end of the treatment and two weeks later. Scalp moisturization increased by 19% after 14 days, while scalp greasiness declined 9.4% during the same period.  The 1% rinse-off application also resulted in a 21.5% decrease in the presence of dandruff after 14 days. The decline in dandruff adherence was 40.3% after 28 days and 37.9% two weeks post-use.

“Dandruff can be embarrassing and a challenge to overcome. We’re pleased at the additional evidence that our biomarine ingredient is not only effective against dandruff, but promotes a healthy, vibrant scalp,” said Bianca McCarthy, Ph.D., Global Marketing Manager, Active Ingredients.

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