Biesterfeld and Prod’hyg expand their distribution partnership for cosmetic ingredients

Handshake of businessmen greeting each other after a deal like an aquisition


Handshake of businessmen greeting each other after a deal like an aquisition

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Biesterfeld is expanding its successful partnership with the French manufacturer Prod´hyg. Biesterfeld has been distributing the portfolio of high-quality functional and specific active ingredients in Spain and Portugal since 2017 and in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine and Bulgaria since 2018. With immediate effect, the cooperation has now been extended to include the subsidiary Lindberg & Lund AS and covers distribution rights for Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland.

Functional ingredients

As well as functional raw materials such as consistency agents, emollients and preservatives, the product portfolio also includes nature-inspired active ingredients such as plant extracts. These include palm-free, sustainable and fairly-traded ingredients such as “Prodhysoft ABK”. The Allanblackia plant butter, which is COSMOS-certified, reduces epidermal moisture loss and provides long-lasting hydration. It spreads better than both shea and cocoa butter and leaves the skin feeling softer and fresher. Furthermore, the line of hydrogenated vegetable oils forms part of the portfolio. With their precise and reproducible melting points, they are suitable for creating specific sensory effects and textures. Their low unsaturated fatty acid content makes them very oxidation-stable. The portfolio is rounded off by the “Lactabase” line, which comprises a range of different fatty alcohols esterified with lactic acid. The raw materials in the portfolio are suitable for a range of cosmetic formulations in skin and hair care, sun care and colour-cosmetic applications.

Strong demand for eco-friendly and vegan products

“In Scandinavia there is an exceptionally strong demand for high-quality, eco-friendly and vegan products. Our customers prefer products and ingredients of natural origin, ideally also complying with the COSMOS and Nordic Swan standards, mentioning a few, and coming with extensive documentation and the backing of effectiveness studies,” says Lars Martin Haugberg, Sales Manager Healthcare & LifeScience, Biesterfeld Spezialchemie. “The raw materials supplied by PROD’HYG are the perfect fit for our portfolio in terms of innovative and sustainable product solutions for the cosmetics industry.”

“We have a highly successful partnership with Biesterfeld and are confident that we will be just as successful with the Biesterfeld Group in Scandinavia,” adds Nicolas Pajot, Managing Director of Laboratories Prod´hyg. “The Lindberg & Lund Group is extremely well established on the Nordic market and offers a combination of outstanding application-specific consulting and excellent logistics.”


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