Biesterfeld and Carrubba extend their partnership in Europe

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Shape of Europe in red colour

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The German specialty chemicals distributor Biesterfeld Spezialchemie is extending its partnership with the US company Carrubba Inc. With immediate effect, Biesterfeld will offer the extensive portfolio of aromatic extracts and the odour absorber “Deoplex” throughout Europe, except for the British Islands.

Alternative to perfume

Both companies focus in their sales partnership on custom-made aromatic extracts which can be used as an alternative to perfume. Both, oil- as well as a wide range of water-soluble aromatic extracts are available in the portfolio. On top, Biesterfeld offers Carrubba’s unique product range of odour absorbers. They can be used in a wide range of cosmetic applications starting with deodorants up to foot creams. This product neutralises odour in cosmetic formulations or can be used to minimise undesired smell of other raw materials. Additionally, it is being used in detergent and pet care applications. The product is also available as USDA organic certified version suitable for natural cosmetics.

Customers search for alternatives

Inga Borowski, Product Manager at Biesterfeld Spezialchemie, says: “We do see a lot of interest in the Carrubba products and our experience in the DACH region has clearly shown that customers are searching for alternatives to perfume and also individual and custom-made products. We strongly believe that our customers in other European countries will be excited to learn more about the Carrubba ingredients as well.”

Joey Carrubba, Account representative at Carrubba, adds: “The partnership with Biesterfeld is exceptionally successful and full of trust and enthusiasm. We are more than pleased to enhance our business with our distributor

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