Bath liquids for children investigated

Clean blue soap bubbles and suds
Clean blue soap bubbles and suds

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A recently published article investigates the influence of marine collagen of various molecular weights on the functional properties of bath liquids for children based on anionic surfactants—sodium laureth sulfate. In addition to the aspects related to safety‐in‐use, which were presented in the authors’ first work about marine collagen, consumers also expect bath cosmetics for children to have specific functional characteristics including viscosity or foaming properties. An increase in the molecular mass of marine collagen was found to be accompanied by an increase in dynamic viscosity and foaming ability and a decrease in the ability to emulsify fatty soil in the formulations under study. It can, therefore, be concluded that the addition of the highest molecular weight of marine collagen (300,000 Da) to bath liquids for children contributes not only to reducing the irritant effect caused by anionic surfactants, but also improves the usable properties of these types of cosmetics.

The article was published in Journal of Surfactants and Detergents:


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