BASF is increasing production capacity for photostable UVA filter

Source: NinaMalyna –

BASF is investing to double its global „Uvinul A Plus“ production capacity, with the introduction of a new line at its Kaohsiung site in Taiwan. The additional capacity is expected to come on stream by mid-2022. The company currently produces the ingredient, used for UVA protection in various sun and skin care formulations, at its site in Ludwigshafen, Germany.

Demand for safe UV filters expected to grow worldwide

“We expect the demand for high-performance and safe UV filters to continue to grow worldwide, due to consumer awareness about the importance of UV protection for skin health. BASF as a global market leader in personal care ingredients is dedicated to supporting this growth,” said Ralph Schweens, President Care Chemicals, BASF.

The product is one of the few photostable UVA filters available in the market today that reliably filters the sun’s dangerous UVA rays and provides outstanding protection from free radicals and skin damage. The oil-soluble granule offers excellent formulation flexibility, is free of preservatives and highly efficient at low concentration.


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