BASF increases production capacity for APG in China

APGs are surfactants used for  personal care applications. Source: gloszilla -

APGs are surfactants used for personal care application. Source: gloszilla –

BASF has bolstered its production capacity for alkyl polyglucosides (APG), in Jinshan, China by an additional 10,000 metric tons, as part of the production improvement project announced in 2018. With this expansion, the company’s production capacity of APG in Jinshan, China is up from 20,000 to 30,000 metric tons.

Moreover, BASF has already acquired the required approvals and prepared the basic infrastructure to swiftly scale up the capacity by an additional 10,000 metric tons, in the near future, thereby doubling the production capacity. This will enable the company to better support the market and its customer’s demand growth.

Surfactants for personal and home care applications

APGs are surfactants used for mildness and foam improvement in personal care applications such as facial wash, body wash and shampoo. They are also applied in home care for dish washing detergents, laundry and surface cleaning products, as well as for micro-emulsion formulations in agro applications. Additional APG benefits include compatibility with various surfactants and other ingredients due to their non-ionic nature and manufacturing from 100 % natural and renewable feedstocks.

“The home and personal care market is increasing its focus on ultra-mild, natural, ingredients, which are based on renewable feedstock. APGs play an important role in these formulations. The expansion of our production capacity enables BASF to continue fulfilling the strong Asian market demand. Being closer to the market, we will also further secure our market leading position by providing high quality products which enable sustainable growth,” said Dr. Jianwen Mao, Vice President, Business Management Greater China, Care Chemicals division at BASF, Asia Pacific.


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