Azelis opens application and training center in Istanbul, Turkey

Foto of Sertac Sürür standing with corssed arms in an office.
Foto of Sertac Sürür standing with corssed arms in an office.

Sertac Sürür, Managing Director, Azelis Türkey

Azelis, a  distributor of specialty chemicals and food ingredients recently  announced that it has opened a new application and training center in Istanbul, Turkey. This center will service the Turkish food, personal care and pharma markets and will offer product advice, formulation development and technical research. Next to that, it will host customer meetings, interactive formulation workshops, supplier meetings and internal technical trainings. 

In December 2019 the distributor acquired Ekin Kimya, a supplier of high-quality chemicals to pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, laboratory sectors in Turkey and surrounding countries. The combined team of experts will work together to create synergies across businesses. The new application and training center serves three  market segments: Food & Health, Personal Care and Pharma.

Fokus on formulation development and recipe optimzation

The personal care zone of the center will be used for new formulation development and recipe optimization for hair care, skin care and color cosmetics products, using actives, mild surfactants, silicones and much more from Azelis’ extensive product portfolio. In-house formulations include shampoos, bath and body care products, liquid soaps, emulsions, gels, serums and face, lip and eye make-up.

In the Food & Health zone, the technical team will focus on textures and taste improvements for confectionary, dairy, bakery and meat products, thereby keeping a close eye on trends and innovating with clean label alternatives.

Finally, in the pharma zone, pharmaceutical and food supplement manufacturers will be offered seminars and workshops to support their optimization and product development efforts. Pharma seminars and workshops will cover subjects such as tablet pressing, tablet coating, tablet coloring; hardness, friability, granulation, oxidation and taste issues in solid oral forms; development of semi-solid oral dosage forms and formulation of modified release forms.

Support of customer will be strengthened

Sertaç Sürür, Managing Director Azelis Turkey, comments: “With our highly qualified staff in this application and technical center, we will be able to further strengthen the technical support given to our customers at a local and international level, starting from concept to applied products to formulation creation. In the near future, we will as well start servicing the home care market from this center. We’re looking forward to bring our customers even more benefits through the formulation support and inspire them with workshops.”

With more than 60 application labs across the world, each dedicated to a specific industry and a local market, the distributor provides technical support to its partners. Custom formulations, product testing, regulatory compliance and sales support are just some of the services the labs offer. Its expert teams anticipate market trends, and work proactively to offer innovative solutions to new needs.

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