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a hand holding a gold medal
a hand holding a gold medal

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Three Symrise developments made it to first place in their categories at the renowned BSB Innovation Awards 2020. The natural anti-dandruff active ingredient “Crinipan PMC green” received the award for Most Innovative Active Ingredient for cosmetics in the category “Scalp, Barrier, Redness.” In the category “Scalp, Hair, Moisture, Tan,” “Symcontrol Scalp” won first prize for Natural Products/Raw Materials. And the ingredient “Symeffect Sun”, optimized for natural sunscreen formulations, tops the list in the “Functionals” category. The awards demonstrate the leading position Symrise has in the development of sustainable ingredients.

Virtual award ceremony

The renowned European BSB Innovation Awards have been awarded by the independent consulting agency BSB since 2003 at in-cosmetics Global and support the worldwide dissemination of knowledge and innovation. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the award ceremony took place virtually this year. Symrise products have received several awards in recent years.

Novel anti-dandruff active ingredient with an innovative mode of action

The cosmetic active ingredient is a biobased anti-dandruff substance that links a smart mode of action with high clinical efficacy. This development from opens up completely new perspectives for cosmetics manufacturers – they now have access to a brand new ingredient that can match the effectiveness of conventional ingredients like climbazole. With this ingredient, the company responds to growing consumer demand for more naturalness in personal care products.

A healthy scalp thanks to microalgae

With the ingredient the company has developed an environmentally friendly solution for scalps and hair that become oily quickly. The active ingredient is derived from Mediterranean microalgae and effectively combats the causes of increased sebum production. It thereby improves hair and scalp health sustainably.

“We are using our comprehensive expertise in developing cosmetic ingredients specifically for our innovative range of sustainable active ingredients that are especially suitable for scalp care,” says Dr Daniel Ibarra, Vice President EAME Cosmetic Ingredients Division. “As experts in hair and scalp care, we know what consumers want from natural and sustainable products.

Natural-source ingredient for optimized sunscreen formulations

The expectations for sunscreen products are also rising. In addition to optimal protection, high water resistance and a pleasant feeling on the skin, the products should be based on renewable raw materials. With its holistic approach, the novel ingredient fulfils all of these requirements and combines the advantages of conventional sunscreen products with the increasing sustainability requirements since it is produced from sustainable raw materials.

“We are delighted to have won three awards at this year’s BSB Innovation Awards and see it as an acknowledgment of our sustainable corporate strategy,” explains Ibarra. We intend to continue pursuing our path as an innovation leader. This includes taking comprehensive measures to keep our impact on the environment as low as possible. In addition, we are using our many years of experience in the area of natural raw materials and sustainable processes to develop even more environmentally friendly products for our customers and consumers in the future.”

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