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a hand holding a gold medal


a hand holding a gold medal

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Clariant is the proud recipient of two trophies at this year’s Ringier Technology Innovation Awards 2019 – Personal Care Industry, held in Shanghai. To select the winners, votes were collected from 6 professional experts and 25,000 cosmetic sector practitioners, who elected the most innovative personal care products in the following categories: functional ingredients, packaging design, testing, production and processing, innovation technology, and effective ingredients. Clariant Active Ingredients took home two prizes in the effective ingredients category for “B-Circadin” and “Eosidin” active ingredients.

Efficient skin barrier functions

“Eosidin” won in the sub-category anti-pollution. This ingredient, made from an extract of Citrus unshiu cultivated on Jeju Island, demonstrates high performance in soothing sensitive skin exposed to indoor pollution. Through its special mode of action on the skin immuno-modulation system, this ingredient efficiently improves skin barrier functions, and supports a reduction in atopic prone skin and hypersensitivity conditions, in polluted environments. This is the third award winning performance from this ingredient in the cosmetic industry, after taking the ITEHPEC Innovation Award in 2017, and the Sustainable Beauty Award in 2018.

Efficient support of resynchronization of the skin cell’s circadian rhythm

“B-Circadin” won in the sub-category hair/scalp care. This naturally inspired ingredient, made from an extract of Lespedeza capitata, efficiently supports the resynchronization of the skin cell’s circadian rhythm to restore its biological functions deregulated by stress, jet-lag or lifestyle. After the Bronze BSB Innovation Prize that this ingredient won in 2018 during In-Cosmetics, it is the second time this ingredient has been recognized by the cosmetic industry.

Clariant’s Head of Active Ingredients, Ernesto Horikoshi said, “The Ringier Technology Innovation Awards recognize companies that have made contributions advancing the industry, and we are proud that two of our naturally inspired actives have received awards.”

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